Our aim is to try to spread a bit of happiness and we know that many people get most stress form finances. This is why we have decided to set up a website to try to help people with finance. We know that a lot of people do not know much about finance because It is not something that they were taught at school and we therefore hope that we can fill this gap and provide information that will help. We therefore have all sorts of hints and tips which we hope will get people thinking harder about their finances. Then we hope that they will be able to use this knowledge to improve their financial situation. We hope that we can reach as many people as possible and provide help which will make them more curious and want to learn more and more about finance so that they are able to make big steps to improve their situation. We know those big steps start with little ones and hope to help people make that start to their journey so that they will want to carry on and make the changes that lead to them being fully in control of their money.